Create an atmosphere that is conducive to the move of God.

River of Life has a vibrant music department. As a church birthed in a culture of worship, musical worship remains a central part of who we are. From Pastor Jack down to our toddlers, we believe in worship as a lifestyle, and specifically through music. We strive for excellence, and we hope in each service and setting to create an atmosphere that is conducive to the move of God, and, most importantly, to glorify Him corporately in a way that is worthy of Him.

Our Mission

The Music Ministry of River of Life seeks to equip, empower and raise up
those who have been gifted by God with musical abilities. We exist for three things:
God: We seek to glorify God to the fullest and worship Him in spirit and truth.
Church: With the musical abilities God has given us, we seek to build the body of Christ and lead others into God’s magnificent presence.
The World: We seek to aid our pastor in presenting the gospel

“I will praise you Lord with all my heart” Psalm 9:1