Men’s ministry is a group of men who come together and walk through victory and successes as well as difficulty and disappointment. This ministry is committed to building strong men of faith, character, and integrity. The disciplines of Men’s Ministry are founded on Core Values, Vision, Strategy and Implementation. As these principles are applied in faith, men grow to be spiritual leaders for their families and communities for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

Prayer: We value prayer as the God-ordained means to accomplish His purposes in us, in our church, and in the world.

Unity: We value unity that edifies, promotes God’s presence and demonstrates God’s heart to an unbelieving world.

Family: We value biblical family ideals based on strong committed marriages and relationships with children.

Community: We value God’s spiritual family, driven by love, like-minded in spirit and purpose, encouraging one another to more completely fulfill God’s purposes in our lives.

Integrity: We value integrity in every interaction with God and man, including a basic agreement between what we profess to be and what we are.

Servant Leadership: We value servant leadership which leads by strength of character and promotes the biblical standard of service rather than position.

Intimacy: We value intimacy with God by diligently seeking to know Him through personal prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with believers.